Broad beans, so tasty and so easy!

20130503-052129 PM.jpg

Today I decided to plant out my Broad Beans. They are called Masterpiece Green Longpod and I’m already looking forward to harvesting them.

I highly recommend giving them a go, they are so easy to grow and so tasty. I do them every year without fail. I love having a huge paella with my broad beans tossed in, omg my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

You need nice free draining soil for broad beans. As their roots will rot in poorly drained soil. They also love some well rotted horse muck, I dug mine in before Xmas.

A few little things to watch out for when growing broad beans firstly they don’t like a hugely windy site, so it says on the packet. I have to say my allotment is a very exposed one so when they get a little larger I usually grab a few garden canes and tie them up just to help them out a bit.

Sometimes you can have a few problems with black fly so when they start getting larger and start podding so just pinch out the tops, this will deter the pesky black fly. You could also try my home made spray. Which I will blog about closer to the time, it’s really safe around kids and animals (of which I have both) no chemicals, no nasties!

They do also suffer from a little bug called bean and pea weevil. You will know if your little plant has them as you will notice the leaves have notches chomped around the edges. As the plant gets bigger it will be fine and its beans won’t suffer!

Part from the pesky blackfly and the evil weevil, they are a reasonably trouble free veg.

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed well worth a space in your veggie plot. There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a summers afternoon popping open the huge pods, which are like big fluffy sleeping bags and filling your cooking pot with these huge bright green beans!

Happy Gardening xxx


2 responses to “Broad beans, so tasty and so easy!

  1. Have you tried them really small and eating the whole thing – pod and all? Even better than small young beans

    • No but I will now! Good tip! Isn’t it so exciting watching all our little things growing! Although I think in the north west we are about 2 months behind! Fingers crossed for some sunshine! Xxx

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