Day off work, so time to hit my plot

20130429-043518 PM.jpg

Day 1 of my holidays, so I decided to sort out around my new potting shed.

I had to rebuild my dry stone wall, it got a bit mangled whilst the shed was being put up. This is where I plant my herbs and edible flowers. So I took the opportunity to dig in some rotted leaf mulch and added some nice new compost.

I’m pretty pleased with it, so far. Replanted my sage, which I have to say didn’t look very happy. Actually I will be amazed if it comes back. Winter has been pretty cruel to her and she looked rather sad, if not dead. However my Valerian and Angelica seemed to have relished winter and are back with added vigorous growth, which surprised me.

I found some beautiful black hollyhocks and couldn’t resist sticking them in too. So green fingers crossed for some sunshine and warm rain. I hope my plants like their new homes.

Happy gardening to you!


One response to “Day off work, so time to hit my plot

  1. It looks brilliant. Lucky you with the nice weather on your down time.

    Boz. Xxx

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