Crystal Apple Cucumbers

20130418-074849 PM.jpg

My Crystal Apple Cucumbers are looking ever so cute. I’m looking forward to introducing them to their new home at the weekend. It’s time they left the comfort of my conservatory and let them run riot in my poly tunnel!

They will still need loads of protection at night, my trusty sawn off water cooler bottles come in so handy. During the day it gets to about 80F in poly tunnel but the nights get cold very quickly.

Crystal Apple Cucumbers are supposed to be pretty tough guys and can be grown outside, but I’m not taking any chances with these little fellas. So I’m growing them under the safety of the tunnel! The Bumble Bees fly thru it in the spring and summer as I leave both doors open, so the cucumbers will still get pollinated. But maybe I will play match maker a bit too and give all the flowers a tickle with a small soft paint brush, just incase!

They like plenty of moisture, so don’t be mean with your watering, they like a nice potash feed every couple of weeks too. The nice thing about outdoor cucumbers is you don’t have to remove the male flowers like you would with an indoor variety.

Just so you know, the male flower grows closer to the the stem and the female has a tiny long thin mini cucumber just behind the petals. The indoor cucumbers will taste a bit in the bitter side if you leave the male flowers on, so nip them bad boys out! Xx


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