What I have been up to so far in April.

The UK has suffered the icy grips of an extremely cold and long winter, but finally the sun is starting to shine. The weather experts said the winter was the longest and coldest for 50 years, so when the sun finally poked her head out the whole country breathed a sigh of relief. Especially the gardeners.

I’m sure you are like me, and every window ledge and spare spot in the house is brimming with tiny plant pots of leggy tomato plants and sweet peas. Now is a good time to start thinking of putting them in a green house with fleece on hand incase of a chilly night.

The longer you leave your plants on window sills the leggier they will get and instead of putting all their valuable energy into making strong roots they are scrambling towards the light. I am guilty of not wanting to let go, I’m terrified of leaving them in the poly tunnel incase a sudden frost descends without warning and kills my tiny baby seedlings.

So my plan is tomorrow they are going to their new home in the poly tunnel. I have some huge water cooler bottles with the bottoms sawn off these will act as mini greenhouses, which I will lovingly place over them at night. The fleece will be on standby incase the evil frosts reappear.

Even though 2013 has been a slow start I have been incredibly busy. Despite the weather the poly tunnel is bulging at the seams with pots of everything. Here is what I’ve sown, so far…

Parsley, fennel, basil, thyme, chives, oregano, fenugreek, bergamot, pennyroyal, anise, Evening primrose, coriander, stevia, bistort, wild garlic, electric daisies and mugwort

Early sprouting broccoli, peas, radish rat tail, red cabbage, chop surely greens, wintergreen, Japanese Beefsteak plant, Kohl Rabi, lemon crystal cucumber, various lettuce, purple spring onion, rainbow radish, Swiss chard, purple carrots, Runner beans, broad beans, red Brussels, onions, golden cabbage, spaghetti squash, autumn carrots, purple turnip, courgettes, asparagus pea, marrows, pumpkins and loads of different tomatoes!

Lupin Russell mix, night scented stock, Rubeckia, Stock (giant and heaven scent), sun flowers, poppy peony, pot marigold, sweet peas, nasturtium, poach egg plants and love in a mist.

And this is only round one! Most of the above is poking through the compost except a few stubborn ones who are either being rather silly or need a little more time than normal. Green fingers are crossed! Xxx


2 responses to “What I have been up to so far in April.

  1. So despite the weather things are up and running in the allotment?
    What about a shed rather than the polytunnel, wouldn’t that be a better place to keep little plants rather than the house.

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